Web Site Management Options For Your Business

The complete process of developing and launching a successful web site is comprised of multiple stages. Each project may require the completion of a variety of these stages. TS Target Sites will take the confusion out of this process by first explaining the different stages and determining if they are beneficial to your project. We will then manage the completion of each stage during the process. We will also assist with the continuing maintenance and optimization of your web site. Our "Worry Free Web Packages" can be tailored to cover the specific needs of your web site project.

  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Email Accounts
  • Web Traffic Statistics
  • Database Storage
  • Daily Web Site Backup
  • SSL Certificates
  • Custom Site Design
  • Full Graphics Development
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Domain Registration

Naming Your Web Site

Your web site's domain name is used to access your new web pages. Our domain name is "" and this what you entered into your web browser to get to our web page. The registration process is designed to prevent others from using your domain name. All domain names must be registered through a "registrar" like Go Daddy and Network Solutions. Registrars will place your new domain name along with your registration contact information on the WHOIS database. (Private registrations are available that hide your personal information.) Once the registration is complete, TS Target Sites will configure the DNS, the Domain Name System, to point your registered domain name to the your new web site.

It is common practice for businesses to utilize the ability to register multiple domain names and have them all point to the same web pages. This process is called domain forwarding and can greatly improve your chances of attracting visitors. Imagine the fictitious web site "" where you can buy both widgets and doodads. A good way to increase search engine placement is to register both "" and "". These additional domains would also be valuable while developing marketing plans aimed at specific demographics. Registering various misspellings of your domain name is also suggested, for instance "".

Web Hosting

Connecting Your Site To The World Wide Web

Web sites are stored on computers called servers. These servers are, in turn, connected to the internet. When you ask for "" in your browser, your computer calls the server that holds the web site and requests the page. A vast knowledge of network administration and computer hardware is required to successfully configure and maintain a server. Many companies employ departments dedicated to running their corporate servers known commonly as IT, or internet technologies departments. Because of the time demand associated with running your own server, small business owners will commission the services of a hosting company like TS Target Sites to provide hosting for their web site.

There are many additional benefits associated with using TS Target Sites to host your web site. All accounts include access to cPanel hosting management software. This allows you to control all aspects of your account via a user friendly graphic interface. You can manage your email accounts, databases, even sub-domains. All hosting accounts are automatically backed up each day. A bundle of free software is available for install using Fantastico De Luxe including blogs, CMS, e-commerce, and much more.

Traffic Statistics

Gathering Details About Your Site

Webalizer Web Statistics

All web hosting packages through TS Target Sites include thorough details about the traffic coming into your site. Such statistics can be used to improve site search engine optimization, track the success of a particular marketing plan, or even determine what web pages are attracting your visitors. Full color graphs make analysis simple for everyone.

TS Target Sites web statistics service offers clients the use of several different analysis programs. Programs such as AWStats and Webalizer produce the most complex series of charts and graphs. Other system allow for viewing your site's bandwidth usage, FTP access logs, and error reports. All statistical reports are updated every 24 hours and are available for viewing at any time.

Email Accounts

Professional Email Addresses

Hosting accounts with TS Target Sites can be configured with an unlimited number of email accounts for you and your employees. All email addresses are customized for your web site using the format adding a feel of professionalism to your business. Access to email accounts can be configured to use both POP3 or IMAP formats compatible with most mail client software or via the web if you are away from your computer. Included in your email account package, TS Target Sites will provide the services of Spamassassin spam blocker to protect against unwanted email and viruses.

SSL - Secure Sockets Layer

Protecting Information To And From Your Site

SSL certificates ensure visitors of the protection of their personal information. SSL technology is required to encrypt any information being sent or received by your web site. Next time you visit a company's online shopping cart, you will notice a "padlock" symbol on your browser that represents encrypted communication. Many online buyers will not do business with any web site that does not display this symbol, and they should not. Any information sent without encryption can be intercepted and read. A valid SSL certificate is necessary to obtain this symbol. TS Target Sites will alert you to any situation in which encryption may be necessary and will initiate and install all certificates.